Automatic Concrete Blocks Making Plant (Vibro Compacting)

Automatic Bricks & Blocks Making Plant is used to produce Best Quality Bricks & Blocks with Vibro Compacting Technology. This Plant is used to produce multi product like Fly Ash Bricks as well as Pavers Blocks, Solid Wall Blocks, Hollow Wall Blocks etc.

Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Plant mainly consists of following Equipments:

1. Pan Mixer: Pan Type Mixer of required Batch Capacity is supplied along with the Plant to mix the Raw Materials like Stone Dust, Fly Ash, Cement, Sand, Water etc homogeneously. Sidewall & Bottom of the Pan Mixer is fabricated from Best Quality M S Plate with required Thickness. The design is very sturdy & reliable to let the Mixer Run trouble Free for years without any breakdown. More...